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Pain-free Data Scraping

Harness the power of data without the complexities associated with conventional web scraping techniques.

Leverage AI for Data Extraction

Rely on ChatGPT to mine data from any website. Simply specify what to extract using plain text, no need for delving into CSS selectors or XPaths.


No Need for Coding Expertise

Our intuitive interface ensures a smooth data scraping experience, irrespective of your level of technical expertise.

JavaScript-enabled Page Downloads

Utilize your own browser to download pages, even those that necessitate JavaScript for rendering.

How It Works?

Just 4 straightforward steps.

1. Enter URLs

Input the URLs you aim to scrape data from.

  • Supply URLs through CSVs, Google Sheets, or plain text
  • You can upload a file or paste the URLs directly
1. Enter URLs

2. Download Data

Download the data from the entered URLs.

  • Use JavaScript in your local Google Chrome browser to download data
  • Keep track of the download progress
  • You have the option to display or hide the browser during the process
2. Download Data

3. Set Up Extractors

Specify the data you want and run the extractor.

  • Add a new extractor via a dropdown menu with just a click
  • Define in simple, human language what data you need to extract from the downloaded pages
  • Monitor the extraction progress
3. Set Up Extractors

4. Save Data

Preserve the extracted data in a file or clipboard for immediate use.

  • Instantly use the data in Google Sheets by copying it to your clipboard
  • Store your data in a CSV file
4. Save Data


Whether it's data analysis or e-commerce, ScrapeComfort is equipped to handle your needs.

Data Analytics

Automate your data collection process for research or data science projects, allowing you to shift your attention towards extracting meaningful insights rather than gathering data.

Market Investigation

Get an edge over your rivals by scraping product information from various online marketplaces for competitive assessment and pricing strategy development.

Lead Acquisition

Seamlessly accumulate leads from multiple sources, bolstering your sales and marketing initiatives.

Pricing Plans

Choose a plan that best suits your data scraping needs.


Use ScrapeComfort for free. No credit card required. Ever.

  • Use your own browser
  • Use your own OpenAI key
  • Data export
  • Basic support
  • Scheduled jobs
  • Smart downloader and cost-optimized AI
  • Dedicated server


Comfortable web data scraping.

  • Use our servers
  • Use our specialized AI
  • Data export
  • Full support
  • Scheduled jobs
  • Smart downloader and cost-optimized AI
  • Dedicated server


For large-scale data scraping needs.

  • Your own server
  • Use our specialized AI
  • Data export
  • Premium support
  • Scheduled jobs
  • Smart downloader and cost-optimized AI
  • Dedicated server

Experience ScrapeComfort

Download and discover effortless data extraction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about ScrapeComfort? We've got you covered. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to reach out to us at the chat widget on the bottom right.

Is there a requirement for technical skills to operate ScrapeComfort?

Not at all, ScrapeComfort is engineered to be intuitive and user-friendly, with no necessity for any coding skills.

Why is there a need to provide an OpenAI Key?

ScrapeComfort utilizes the OpenAI API for AI-powered data extraction from web pages. While the application is free, an OpenAI account and corresponding OpenAI key are needed for AI-driven data extraction capabilities.

From which sources can ScrapeComfort extract data?

ScrapeComfort is capable of scraping data from any URL that's accessible via your web browser.

Is my OpenAI key shared with your servers?

Absolutely not, your OpenAI key remains stored on your local machine and is used solely for sending requests to the OpenAI API. We do not store or transmit your OpenAI key to our servers.

How to get an OpenAI key?

You can read more about getting an OpenAI key here: https://scrapecomfort.com/docs

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